Project Preparation

Project preparation starts with developing of a project idea, followed by finding an adequate source of funding and preparing the project application for a the most suitable tender. The service includes following activities:

  • Monitoring calls for proposals and identifying most appropriate sources of funding
  • Finding and developing project activities that will best meet expected call criteria and obtain maximum number of points during the evaluation period, as well as designing activities that will be most suitable for future beneficiaries and partners and appropriate for implementation.
  • Providing support during the market research process to determine estimated project procurement values
  • Define project costs
  • Providing support in communication with other partners and / or competent institutions
  • Preparation of project application forms and other supporting annexes and forms
  • Compilation of application documents and their administrative verification
  • Support in communication with relevant bodies, i.e. preparation of clarifications / additions which may be requested by the competent authority during the evaluation phase of project proposals
  • Support and professional counselling during the signing phase of the grant contract
  • Regular daily consultation as needed

Book - EU POLICIES AND FUNDS 2014-2020

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