Constructive repair of the cultural heritage building damaged by the earthquake, the Church of the Bistrica Mother of God successfully completed

Plavi Partner ltd. is a consultancy company specialising in the management of the EU funds. Company’s core business includes strengthening good governance and administrative capacity of the authorities dealing with EU funds, preparing and implementing projects, developing expert analyses and studies, strategic and programme documents for both, public and private sectors.

Over the past seven years, the company has gained market recognition as a reliable partner with exceptional results. Our projects have a 98% success rate on EU grant tenders and their total value reaches over 580 MM Euros.

For our clients we have successfully prepared most complex projects in various fields such as the preservation of cultural and natural heritage, communal, social and entrepreneurial infrastructure, healthcare, scientific research infrastructure, environmental protection, renewable energy, social programs, entrepreneurial projects and earthquake reconstruction projects.

We successfully implement projects under complex rules and procedures with a total value of over 769 MM Euros. We ensure sound financial management of the project and administratively proper management, ensuring the required audit trail. In addition, we have assisted numerous public institutions (ministries, counties, cities) in strengthening their own administrative and absorption capacities, drafted internal regulations and manuals, strategic and planning documents, and held targeted training and practical workshops.

Our team is made up of top experts that are not only professional but also passionate and ethical. We experience the success of our clients as our own. This commitment to work transforms our work into a passion and makes us stand out.

Previously, our experts have proven their expertise by working for many years in the most responsible positions in the institutions accredited for the implementation of the EU funds. Some of these institutions include the Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA), the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.


Plavi partner ltd. is a reliable partner to the beneficiaries of EU funds in the Republic of Croatia and a local partner to foreign companies active in the market of Croatia and the region.



Providing premium quality support to our clients by proven experts only, and efficient services which successfully balance the imperatives of quality and time constrains.

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