Project Implementation

Once selected, a project faces many implementation challenges. Success of the project is not measured by the signing of the contract. It is measured by timely, quality implementation guaranteeing full utilisation of the funds granted, without returns due to procedural errors or irregularities. With our knowledge and experience, we strive to detect and prevent in a timely manner all risks that arise during the implementation of the project, which may end up as financial corrections. The service itself consists of following activities:

  • supporting the beneficiary to meet the compliance with the applicable EU and national legislative framework,
  • ensuring the timely and procedurally correct implementation of the project while ensuring compliance with the terms of the grant agreement;
  • making recommendations to ensure the fulfilment of contractual obligations,
  • preparation / aftercare of the reports defined by the grant agreement,
  • preparing reimbursement requests,
  • review of all attachments to reports prepared by the client,
  • financial management of the project,
  • risk management,
  • advising clients during project audits,
  • preparing documentation and expert beneficiary bodies for on-site controls, and attendance at on-site controls, as appropriate;
  • advising on the implementation of information and visibility obligations,
  • communication with the managing and intermediate bodies and, where appropriate, other relevant bodies,
  • Keeping the overall project documentation and ensuring the audit trail
  • Preparing contract modifications or notices of minor modification as appropriate,
  • Coordinating project team meetings to monitor project implementation.

Book - EU POLICIES AND FUNDS 2014-2020

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